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Zoella Beauty launches Jelly and Gelato range

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Zoella Beauty has announced the launch of a new bath and body collection, Jelly & Gelato, including eight deliciously scented bath and body products in millennial pink packaging.

Items in the collection include Gelato Bath Milk, Gelato Bath Wafers, Gelato Body Pudding, Gelato Cream Body Scrub, Gelat’Eau Body Mist, Gelato Shower Sauce, Gelato Shower Shake, and Gelato Beauty Clutch.

The range was launched earlier this week in a promotional event at Brighton Pavilion, where fans of the YouTube star were served free ice cream as well as getting first look at the bath products.

The products are available in-store and online from Superdrug in the UK and are priced between £3.75 and £10.50.

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