Urban Outfitters announces clothing rental scheme

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Urban Outfitters is launching an online subscription service that will allow customers to borrow six items of clothing each month.

The rental service, named Nuuly will launch in the US this summer. While there is as yet no similar service confirmed for UK customers, a spokesperson for the brand said: “The brand is looking forward to the opportunity to further evolve and expand both their offering and geographic footprint over time.”

As well as Urban Outfitters clothing, the service will also offer subscriptions to other brands and labels including Anthropologie, Levi’s, Gal Meets Glam, Anna Sui and Fila.

Subscribers have the option of buying one or more items of clothing in each subscription, or returning all items to be exchanged for a new selection. All garments are cleaned and inspected before they are rented out to the next customer.

The clothing rental industry is expected to grow to $2.5 billion by 2023, as the millenial generation value variety and sustainability over disposable fashion.

Several rental clothing companies already operate successfully online including Rent The Runway, a New York-based company that allows women to borrow designer clothes for a monthly payment.

This pricing model provides an alternative to paying high ticket prices for outfits that are likely to only be worn once. However, clothing rental is now also becoming a popular idea for more affordable clothing. This allows fashionistas to keep up with the latest trends within a reasonable budget and is a more sustainable practice than cheap disposable fast fashion.

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