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Tusk Rhino Trail installed in Carnaby Street

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A series of 21 painted and embellished rhino sculptures have been installed along Carnaby Street to support Africa conservation charity Tusk.

The art installation will be on the street until 22 September and each sculpture can be found using the what3words app, which has assigned each 3m x 3m square on earth a unique 3-word address.

One of the rhinos has been painted by Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood, who said: “My inspiration is that this beautiful prehistoric creature should be around for future generations of our children to see. I tried to include motifs from the African flags of the main rhino populated regions.”

As well as the rhino sculptures, there are works by UK artists David Mach and Adam Dant located under the Carnaby Street Arch.

Simon Quayle, Director at real estate investment trust Shaftesbury, said: “Shaftesbury are proud to support Tusk with the launch of the Rhino Trail and delighted that Carnaby will be home to this spectacular sculpture designed by Ronnie Wood. The protection of the planet and endangered species is a matter close to our hearts, and we hope that the campaign will raise awareness to our visitors about how they can also support the cause.”

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