Top 10 Fashion Films from London Fashion Film Festival

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What is a fashion film? Well, while that’s a little tricky to define, the third annual short films and moving editorial, the best productions from around the world were celebrated on the evening. were there to take it all in and now we’re charting our top 10 must-see fashion films for your viewing pleasure…


In and Out of Control, Directed by Emir Eralp

In and Out of Control – NOWNESS from Emir Eralp on Vimeo.

This charming black and white story stars dancer Lutz Förster as an elderly banker, losing his grip on reality. The playful movements and constant clothing changes are surprising and delightful.


Coco Morroco, Directed by Nil Hoppenot

Now this is a holiday we want to be on! Created for Fucking Young! Magazine, achingly cool models Charlie James and Luca Fixy hangout in Marrakech, getting to know the locals, exploring the desert landscape and flirting with a young lady over mint tea. Dreamy.


Till Human Voices Wake Us, Directed by Indrani

Till Human Voices Wake Us Trailer from Noetic on Vimeo.

Hollywood photographer Indrani directs this modern day fairytale in fashion starring Lindsay Lohan. Based on the mythical folk tales about selkies (beautiful half woman/half seal creatures), this short film features a unique storyline, jaw-dropping, vintage-style lingerie and an important message about protecting the environment too.


“What’s Your Favourite Song?”, Directed by Francesca Broglia and Gustavo Lopez Mañas

Schön! presents | my favourite song from Schön! Magazine on Vimeo.

Whether you’re a chiselled-cheeked supermodel or mere mortal, what’s the one thing that unites us all? Having a little boogie to our favourite song of course. This fashion film will certainly raise a smirk as these casually dressed cool kids share their favourite songs with us while singing and dancing along.


Sophie: A Story of Discovery, Directed by David McCartey

Sophie : A Story of Discovery from David Todd McCarty on Vimeo.

A bemusing and kooky story of one woman’s discovery of colour. It has something of an IKEA advert feel about it but is nevertheless an engaging invitation into a very curious world indeed.


Richest Black, Directed by Beatriz Abad

Fashion Film Richest Black from BEATRIZ ABAD on Vimeo.

This dark and twisted tale of hypnosis, hallucination and a mystery to be solved includes some decadent fashion to ogle at too. We love the casting of Jennifer Bucovineanu as Chloe with her big eyes and unhinged stare.


How To Make The Perfect Tea Party (For Dolls), Directed by Delia Simonetti

How to make the perfect tea party (for dolls) – GREY Film from GREY on Vimeo.

Perfectly capturing the beatnik Gucci girl, this curious film featuring clothes from the Pre-Fall 16 collection follows the main character as she creates the perfect tea party for her dolls. This is a woman who is totally comfortable with her own oddities.


Fairy Fight, Directed by Aviv Kosloff and Einat Dan

Like a modern adaption of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, two nymph-ish models cause chaos to beautiful effect. The body painting is out of this world.


Ruby Flip, Directed by Au Matt

Ruby Flip (ungraded) from au matt on Vimeo.

This is a relatively simple film in comparison to some of the more fantastical productions but it packs in just as much attitude. The clothes are edgy, the hair and makeup are on point and the dancing is cool as hell. In short, we want to be this girl.


Breaking Rules, Directed by Victor Claramunt San Millan

Breaking Rules from BIBI LOU on Vimeo.

Tap into your inner rebel with this fashion film set in a boarding school as two girls are given their strict rules. Cue flashbacks to them breaking every single one. Cheeky, playful and a heady sense of being young and carefree.


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