Tom Ford reveals that he has a “split personality” when it comes to fashion

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Tom Ford is the king of luxury – bottles of his perfumes fetch up to £135 and his catwalk designs cost around ten times more – but the  American-born designer has revealed that he has a “split personality” when it comes to the world of fashion.

Speaking to Tom Brady in an interview for VMan magazine, the 50-year-old one-time film director revealed that he struggles to see completely eye-to-eye with the excess of the industry. When talking about the Met Ball – an annual event held at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of art  attracting the fashion industry’s highest and mightiest – he spoke of the irony of watching rich and beautiful people “wearing a million dollars worth of jewellery, and dressed in $30,000 dresses that are only good this season because next season it’s all going to look out-of-date”, dancing to Bruno Mars’ song about natural beauty with the lyrics “you’re amazing just the way you are”.

“That was quite funny because it’s this industry, of course, that makes people feel like they have to change. I have such a split personality about it,” Ford continues. “On the one hand I want to go off and live in the desert with my dog and sculpt things out of adobe, but then on the other I’m part of this industry that creates insecurity and focuses on materialism and things that aren’t actually, for me, the most important things in life. So it’s strange.”


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