Thomas Pink features FBI agent in new campaign

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Shirtmakers Thomas Pink speak to former FBI agent Joe Navarro in their latest campaign, who explains how non-verbal cues including the clothes we wear can make a statement about who we are.

Joe Navarro is a world leading expert on reading non-verbal behaviours and explains how details such as expressions, hand gestures, accessories, and clothing can speak louder than words.

He explains: “Fixing your tie when someone important comes into the room, straightening the sleeves or pulling on the cufflink, this subconsciously communicates to the person, ‘I care’. Clothes can reassure onlookers of your competence. When I walk into a room wearing a beautifully made shirt, the shirt alone is communicating something positive about me. Humans just have a proclivity for aesthetic detail.”

Navarro also points out that the ability to recognize and understand these non-verbal behaviours, and to be consciously aware of how you present yourself to the world provides a competitive advantage: “the ability to observe and decode those non-verbal cues gives you that advantage that the other person doesn’t have, because now you can say ‘I sense there is an issue’. Their body language will reveal what they are thinking, feeling, desiring or intending. If you have the ability to focus on detail, you can perceive these things before everybody else does.”

The video titled “What Your Shirt Says About You” is the second video in a two-part series that’s available to watch on YouTube and social media now.

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