The story of how Clarks became the “baddest” shoe label in Jamaica

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DJ and designer Al Fingers tells the unlikely tale of how Clarks, the high street footwear brand founded by a Quaker family in Somerset, became the “baddest” shoe label in Jamaica. Yes, you read that correctly.

First introduced to the West Indies one hundred years ago, the Clarks signature Desert Boot become the shoe of choice for the rudeboy and rastas post independence in 1960s Jamaica. Hardwearing and unlike anything else available, the styles would sell out in days and Jamaican women loved to see their men wearing them, so much so that referencing Clarks shoes iltered into the lyrics of reggae and dancehall song lyrics.

Illustrated with essays, quotes from Clarks devotees and style photographs from the streets of Jamaica, this wonderfully unexpected fashion story is bursting with charm and personality.

Clarks in Jamaica by Al Fingers is out now

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