Miss Piggy is back! And she’s wearing Giles Deacon

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Our favorite furry style icon is back as The Muppets Movie is released next month.

well, to say I was excited would be an understatement.

The new film brings back everybody’s favorite puppets (or ‘Muppets’, if you will) Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, Animal, and, my personal style icon, Miss Piggy, as they are reunited to put on one last show to save their beloved Muppet Theatre from being destroyed. Over 30 years after their last performance, the Muppets have since disbanded across the globe to pursue other careers, but when Walter, the Muppets biggest fan, overhears an evil plan by the films’ baddy, Tex Richman, to dig for oil under the theatre, he must round up the old gang to save the day.

Walter is the Muppet brother of Gary (played by co-writer and producer, Jason Segal), who, although on holiday with his girlfriend, Mary (Amy Adams), helps his little brother to find The Muppets, clean up the theatre, put on a show, raise $10 million, and stop the evil oil barren! Phew! This show actually cost $45 million, but beautifully manages to keep all the old charm and humor in tact. The jokes range from deeply satirical to slapstick, keeping all ages of the audience happy, as well as those who fondly remember the 70s TV show.

This is in part due to the clever writing from funnyman Jason Segal, star of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Freaks and Geeks, owner of his own personal ‘puppet room’, and all-round Muppet fanatic. Although snubbed by Frank Oz, this latest edition to The Muppets franchise, and the only one under Disney’s roof (who bought the rights eight years ago), perfectly captures the humor that The Muppets are famed for. The visible strings may be gone, but the puns most certainly are not. Just as the original variety-style TV show made fun of the genre (remember Statler and Waldorf cracking jokes in the box of the theatre? Incidentally, they were named after two similarly old New York hotels; see, you don’t get this kind of information from any journalist), so this film plays with the concept of movies; during the rounding up of the group, the driver states “This would be a lot faster if we did this by montage”, and so begins a comedy montage of sweeping up the characters from their respective lives.

The other Muppets signature is their ability to pull an impressive cameo or two; Fozzie’s tribute band, The Moopets, has Dave Grohl on drums, Animal’s anger management support partner is Jack Black, and, my personal favorite, Emily Blunt walks in her Devil Wears Prada shoes to play Miss Piggy’s assistant, as, naturally, she is now the Plus-Size Fashion Editor at Vogue Paris. Oh yes, Miss Piggy is back with a fashion-heavy bang, new job, new outfits, and one very special admirer; Miss Piggy will be gracing the UK premier in a custom made Giles Deacon dress, inspired by his silver leather creation from his S/S 2011 collection, and the designer himself will be accompanying the diva down the red carpet!

There are several other fashion ventures in the works for Miss P, including her own range for M.A.C which features frosted pink eye shadow and thick false eye lashes, and a nail varnish range for OPI in shades of red and metallic’s, including a copper tone named ‘Warm & Fozzie’. The real masterpiece Miss Piggy has commissioned is a pair of pink, sparkling heels by Jerome C. Rousseau; ‘The Diva Glitter Pump’ shoe has been designed specifically to embody the diva’s ‘look at moi’ attitude and glamorous style, and available at www.saksfifthavenue.com

The Muppets Movie will be released in cinemas on the 10th February


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