The fashion of casino croupiers

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Casino fashion has changed dramatically over the years. Where once you’d see women wearing glamorous cocktail dresses and men dressed in their best suits, ties and expensive shoes, these days, things are a bit more relaxed — especially in the majority of high street venues.

With the rise of the online casino, and more casual styles being encouraged in the office, many casinos have loosened the rules on their dress code. In fact, you may find that it’s only the most elite casinos that insist on a formal style of dress, with definite dos and don’ts about what to wear and how to act.

But while the dress of the casino-goer may have changed, the fashion of the croupiers — otherwise known as the casino dealers — has not. Regardless of the casino, or even its location in the world, croupiers are expected to uphold their high standards when it comes to what they wear. And while many players now play casino games on websites, with no need to be concerned with their appearance, croupiers online in live games are dressed just as formally as they would be at their land-based counterparts.

So, what do croupiers wear?

A standard look for a male croupier is a suit with a white or black shirt and bow tie. Many croupiers forgo the jacket as they need to be comfortable and move around freely when dealing for hours on end — it also helps to differentiate them from the guests who may be wearing suits too. Many croupiers still wear a green visor, which is meant to protect their eyes from getting strained as they stay laser focused on the cards, cash or chips on the table.

Female croupiers might also adopt the suit and bowtie look, as well as the waistcoat and green visor. Alternatively, and if the casino permits it, female croupiers may choose to wear a smart black cocktail dress.

Of course, being a croupier isn’t a high-paying job (with basic salaries averaging at £18,000 to £19,000 for starting roles). As many casinos don’t provide a uniform for their croupiers, they’re often reliant on what they can put together from high street stores that specialise in work attire. As the dress code of a croupier is quite formal, monochrome wear, there will be many different options for them when it comes to purchasing the right outfit.

Here’s why they’re dressed so smart.

The reason croupiers are dressed so smart — even in casinos that aren’t very formal — has everything to do with their job role. Not only do they need to look their best, but they need to be comfortable enough to carry out the required tasks — which often occur over extremely long hours. Like other forms of hospitality, including bartenders, baristas and hotel staff, a croupier’s primary role is to make sure that all the patrons are having a good time, which includes great customer service from their dealer.

Another reason why croupiers continue to dress so smart, despite the loosening of casino dress codes, is that they represent the casino as a business and are part of the overall experience.

No matter what a casino looks like, it’s important that the atmosphere — which includes the decor, the service as well as the uniforms — feel special. Patrons attend casinos not just to play but to enjoy the unique space, that is so unlike anywhere else. When an individual imagines the vibe of a casino, it almost always includes their dealer. By dressing in a formal, traditional style, croupiers are adding to the specific ambiance, mood and culture that you can only find at casinos.

Then, there’s the professional element. As they’re spending their own money, players need to be able to trust their casino dealers. A more relaxed look from a croupier may feel, for the patrons, less professional than if they were dressed in their formal wear. When you hand over your chips you want to make sure you’re getting a fair game; and a smart style of fashion can have a big impact on maintaining the trust you have, as a player, with the dealer.

Into the future

Fashion around the world is becoming more informal — even when it comes to office wear. Some of the biggest businesses in the world right now are tech and digital companies; the advent of which has brought about a much more casual look, with hoodies and sneakers becoming the new dress work norm. It makes sense that as the most prestigious professional roles being to loosen their dress code, others will follow suit. But will this be the case for casino croupiers?

It feels unlikely. While the dress code of casinos may have changed for patrons, the culture and atmosphere they enjoy has not. Players visit casinos to have a different experience from the every day — and the strong associations that many people have with how croupiers are dressed, and the casino in general, remains strongly intact. There’s no more evidence than this than in live casino games where croupiers dressing just as formally as they would be in real life. Players want to feel like they’re having a legitimate casino experience, even if that’s from the comfort of their home.

By dressing in formalwear in a live game, croupiers are replicating elements of a land-based casino to try and help capture some of the atmosphere and spirit players know so well and return to, time after time.

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