Thameen launches Sovereign Collection

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British luxury Perfume house Thameen has launched its latest collection – Sovereign, combining Eastern opulence and Western refinement.

Thameen means “precious” in Arabic and the fragrances have been inspired by famous jewels from around the world representing status, religion, wealth, beauty, and love.

The 3-scent collection is available exclusively at Selfridges and includes:

Imperial Crown – Inspired by the precious jewels and purple velvet of the Imperial crown, symbolising splendour and sovereign prestige. Top notes of black pepper, frankincense, and leather, with a base of patchouli and guaiac wood.

Diadem – Inspired by the bejewelled floral bouquets of the British State Diadem. Pure Omani frankincense blended with rose, lavender, saffron crocus, and patchouli, with a base of vanilla absolute and amber.

Sceptre – Inspired by the precious jewels and gold of the royal sceptre, symbolising royal authority and chivalry. Signature base notes of myrrh blended with amber, and top notes of Madagascan cloves and Brazilian pink peppercorn.

All three fragrances are priced at £195 and available from the Selfridges Thameen boutique.

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