Super Sharp – a new exhibition at Fashion Space Gallery

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The London College of Fashion’s Fashion Space Gallery has announced its latest exhibition, Super Sharp, an exploration of the fashion of luxury Italian designer brands in the jungle and UK garage music scene.

Versace, Iceberg, D&G, and particularly Moschino were the most popular labels for this subculture in the ‘90s and many of the pieces in the exhibition were sourced from a Moschino archive owned by DJ and producer Saul Milton.

Saul Milton said: “I’ve been collecting and wearing Moschino since 1997/8. Today, I look and dress like I did back then, pony tail, jewellery and tapered, tailored vintage Moschino and reebok classics. My collection is largely clothes that you would have seen in the raves and the clubs in the 90’s and early 2000’s. It’s a collection of nostalgia, of times when we appropriated other cultures and twisted and turned them into our own style, our own look. Rudeboy culture was everything and fast forward to 2018, it’s come full circle.”

The exhibition includes original garments, music, testimonials, and quotes from musicians including PJ & Smiley (Shut up & Dance), Navigator, Jumpin’ Jack Frost, Goldie and Chase & Status, exploring how jungle and UK garage music influenced club fashion and culture.

Super Sharp is the first instalment of RTRN II JUNGLE; a series of events and exhibitions exploring British rave culture in the ‘90s.

The exhibition is on now at Fashion Space Gallery and runs until 21 April 2018.

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