Sosandar makes significant progress in trading and performance

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Online women’s fashion retailer Sosandar has seen continued success with trading through the summer months and into Autumn. The product range has expanded and trading has remained strong across all product categories.

Orders have grown more than four times the figure of the previous year’s trading at 31,372, and the customer base has grown from 6,821 to 54,196.

Some of the improvements the brand has made in its operations include working with Clipper Logistics to offer delivery seven days a week, and upgrading their ecommerce platform to provide a better customer experience and to support future expansion.

Non-Executive Chairman Bill Murray said: “Focused customer acquisition activities across all channels have become increasingly efficient whilst continuing to drive demand for our chic and fashion-forward products. We are particularly pleased by the levels of PR achieved, with Sosandar products being worn by an ever-increasing number of high-profile celebrities and fashion influencers. This serves to both drive sales and enhance brand awareness, complementing our investment in digital and direct marketing.”

Sosandar reported a pretax loss of £6.1 million in the financial year ending March 2018, an increase of 4.3 million on the period since the brand launched in September 2016.

The loss was attributed to an increase in administrative expenses and reverse acquisition costs.

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