Sophie Dahl launches lifestyle website

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Model Sophie Dahl is diversifying her CV, with the launch of her new website At The Kitchen Table.

The site features designer interviews, recipes, short stories, features written by high-profile names, as well as fashion suggestions and beautiful photography, and Dahl has dubbed it “a place full of my favourite things.”

“The idea was originally to have a place where I could put all of my work – articles and recipes,” Dahl explained. “It was all floating around in files and boxes and generally taking up room and making me anxious because I’m a Virgo freak! My husband curated a magazine last year, and I had had many conversations with his designer who, in the end, I sat down with and decided to create something with my sensibility at its core – but with a really eclectic mix of contributors bringing their voices to the table.”

Dahl hopes the popularity for the site will be widespread, saying: “It’s aimed at whoever wants to read it!” The site will be updated monthly, as Dahl revealed a penchant for delayed gratification: “I like the feeling of waiting for content. I used to wait by the letterbox for the Bunty when I was a child, and I think that it’s unusual now, in a time of ever evolving content, to wait for stuff. There’s a pleasure in knowing something’s coming and having to wait.”

Sophie Dahl

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