Sheep pop-up at Jigsaw London to mark ‘Wool Week’

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If there’s one thing we like as much as fashion, it’s super cute animals. So when we heard a pen of sheep were popping up at Jigsaw stores across London to celebrate ‘Wool Week’ we got a little bit excited.

A small group of sheep, owned by Jigsaw co-owner John Robinson, will start off their trip outside the brand’s King’s Road store, on Duke of York’s Square, from Monday 5th-Tuesday 6th September. They will then be transported to the Kensington store, where they will greet customers as they enter for the remainder of the week.

Sheep farmer Jon Perkin will be on hand to answer questions about the shearing process and invite children to come a meet the sheep and learn about the benefits of wool. The sheeps’ journey from their usual Wiltshire home to London will be filmed and documented on the Jigsaw blog.

Jigsaw have involved themselves in Wool Week by working with charity KasCare and inviting customers to submit knitted squares which will then be knitted together to create blankets for AIDS and HIV orphans in South Africa. Items from their autumn 2011 collection also comprised of soft, luxurious wool.

So if you’re an animal lover go along to Jigsaw this week and have a stroke.

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