“Shaped by the Sea” – a new fashion film for Il Bussetto

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Director duo Lamnya have released a new fashion film featuring items from luxury accessories brand Il Bussetto.

Shaped by the Sea tells a story through one man’s memories. Travelling through a series of mementos of his past, the film looks into events that have shaped his and his son’s heart. Shaped by the Sea represents the journey that every man makes in searching for his identity, combining the nostalgia of once was with the knowledge that the journey has led you to the person you have become.

The values of the Il Bussetto brand are expressed through the visuals of the film, which is centred on a leather pouch forming the heart of the story.

The film explores the concepts of craftsmanship, through the Tuscan leather craft technique that is used to create the pouch with no seams, and luxury, developed through the time and attention that was given to create an individual and unique product.

The product is also shown to be ageing with the wearer as a testament to the quality of the materials and production methods used, and how the objects we live with can become part of our lives and connected with memories. This further emphasizes the brand story of Il Bussetto, contrasting with the modern obsession with fast fashion.

Mauro Gobbi founded Il Bussetto in Milan in 2004. The company produces small leather goods that are made using a traditional Tuscan technique that allows the material to be formed and moulded without any seams. As there are no weak points, the products are strong and durable. The range includes wallets, bags, cases, watches and accessories made from aged Italian leather.

Il Bussetto “Shaped by the sea” from Lamyna directors on Vimeo.

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