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Santa Cruz skateboards launches Autumn 19 menswear collection

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Santa Cruz skateboards, the longest running skateboard brand in the world has announced the launch of their autumn 19 menswear apparel and accessories collection, “Coming in Hot!”

The collection celebrates the brand’s core themes of skateboarding and art, and comprises of three categories: Santa Cruz Black, OGSC, and Classic.

Santa Cruz Black abandons the brand’s signature bright colours for a darker theme with a minimal pallette. This season includes the classic “Roses” graphic by Eric Dressen, and an updated “Rose Kit” embroidery pack.

OGSC takes vintage graphics from Santa Cruz’s 40-year-old archive of skate artwork. The retro feel evokes a feeling of nostalgia for the brand’s original fans, updated for the modern generation.

The Classic collection features some of Santa Cruz’s most popular graphics such as Classic Dot and Screaming Hand.

The brand has also collaborated with Australian illustrator to create the limited edition “Baked” collection featuring long sleeve tie die t-shirts and hoodies.

“Coming in Hot!” is available now from

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