How To: Refresh Your Wardrobe and Not To Worry About Your Size

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Everyone likes to celebrate summer with long-established traditions. For many, it’s going on holiday, having a barbeque or visiting relations elsewhere in the UK. For those who are more conscious of their unsuitable clothing, however, it’s the perfect time to refresh that wardrobe. However, many people don’t exactly reflect the bodies they see showing off the latest trends on the catwalk, leading to personal crises and lowered confidence.

It should never be a case of worrying about this, though. As humans, we’re naturally getting taller and broader. However, diets are, despite increasing drives towards healthy lifestyles, somewhat poorer than they have been in the past. Nonetheless, it’s worth looking to the year’s big event for some comfort in how clothing sizes shouldn’t be a thing to truly undermine the confidence of people around the UK.

You may see athletes at this year’s Olympic Games in London as traditional lean, mean sporty machines, but often the opposite is the case. It may be the case for track competitors or gymnasts, though you only have to glance at Sir Chris Hoy, Sir Steve Redgrave or any of Great Britain’s weightlifters, pentathletes or hockey players to know that they’re not suitable for sizes M, L and even XL.

Okay, so you may not be in shape, but that’s no reason to buy unattractive clothes or badly-fitting T-shirts, trousers or jackets. Whether you’re after sporty athletic clothing like our gold medal hopefuls, or smart and dapper outfits akin to those they’ll don when they enter the stadium, you should be able to find what you want from the high street or go online and visit large-size clothing specialists the best know is because they are fronted by the former cricket captain Freddie Flintoff who himself is 6ft 4 ,they are a good example because they are revolutionising men’s fashion and introducing stylish menswear in large sizes – so long as you remember a few golden rules when you go:

Don’t buy too tight or too baggy

If your clothes are too tight, they’ll only accentuate your weight. If they’re overly big, they also stand to add weight to you – try to balance comfort and style.

Remember that size tags are often inaccurate

Size tags can be unhelpful for both the fitting room and your confidence. Women’s clothing is notorious for this; a 12 in one shop can be a 16 in another. Remember that your body shape plays a part as much as your weight – bigger chests, hips and thighs can often override guidelines.

Be honest with yourself

Don’t be your own worst enemy – buy clothes honestly and remember the number of activities you’ll do in them. One big mistake people make is buying something that looks great standing – but it may not be half as flattering when you sit down!

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