Ray-Ban Celebrates 75th Anniversary with New Collection and Advertising Campaign

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Iconic sunglasses brand Ray Ban is to quietly celebrate its 75h birthday with a new collection and advertising campaign which focuses on the history of the brand.

The ‘Ambermatic’ collection, inspired by Ray-Ban’s 1937 aviator sunglasses, incorporates a light-sensitive photochromic yellow lens which darkens according to light and temperature conditions. The collection includes classic aviators, the shooter silhouette and the outdoorman shape.

“People may not realize that Ray-Ban first started out from a military request for pilot’s sunglasses. This Aviator style is something that was developed long ago but that continues to be nurtured by the brand with new frame materials and lens development,” said Sara Beneventi, Ray-Ban brand director. “The relationship between Ray-Ban and the Aviator is treated with reverence. The Ambermatic is a testament to that commitment to craftsmanship and technical design.”

Accompanying the new styles will be a ”Legends” ad campaign, which tells the story of Ray-Ban’s 75 year history and “Never Hide” motto. The photos, shot in LA by Mark Selige, capture one historic moment per decade and span from the thirties to the nineties. Some of the images are somewhat controversial – one depicts a gay couple holding hands in the fifties.

In addition, there is to be a limited edition private book, “Legends: Unold Stories”,  of rare photographs of historic figures wearing Ray-Bans, as well as several 1,000 word essays by brand influencers such as Iggy Pop, Pharrell and Jann Wenner. The book will only be available to VIP clients and will include images of Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, John F Kennedy, Andy Warhol and Michael Jackson.

The ‘Ambermatic’ collection hits stores in the US in June, with each pair retailing at $219.


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