How to flaunt pearl jewellery with your outfits this season

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Every girl should have pearls to complete her accessory collection. Jackie Kennedy, fashion icon known for the dignity, grace, and beauty she brought to her position as first lady, is quoted as saying, “Pearls are always appropriate.” The classic shine of a string of pearls will never go out of style, and the sophistication that comes with wearing them will always make us feel like queens. But how do we accentuate this beautiful piece of pearl jewellery and make it stand out in our outfit?

Pearls are a representation of self-respect. When you wear pearls, there is an expectation that you will carry yourself with dignity and poise. Myths have characterised pearls as a jewel that represents wisdom that comes with experience, because of the long process required to create a pearl. Pearls don’t need much help showing themselves off, but here we’ve collected a few tips to help the pearls in your outfit stand out.

Colour is an important part of any outfit, especially one incorporating pearls. Since the jewels themselves are so pale and soft in colour, there are two ways to go – dark, deep colours to highlight the light and glow of the pearl jewellery, or a more muted, understated tone to offer the appearance of flow in the outfit. Avoid too wild of patterns right next to the pearls, as they can sometimes get lost in too much visual movement.

If you can put a pearl on a ring, do it – having that reminder of peace and wholeness around on your finger will help you stay balanced and feel at ease. When you see your pearl ring, remember that the ocean took months and months to create that tiny breath of beauty, and how important you are in the world. Simplicity is always beautiful, and the uniqueness of having a pearl on your hand instead of a diamond will be a conversation starter for sure. Remember the way the pearl connects you to the sea and to nature every time you wear it.

Some say that pearls are more of a winter accessory, while others claim that since they are from the sea, they are best worn in summer. I say why not wear them all year round? Whether around your neck at a summer barbecue or with a turtleneck at Thanksgiving dinner, pearls bring out the clarity and confidence you need to make any outfit beautiful and stylish.

Don’t be afraid to break away from the typical rope of pearls fitted neatly around your neck – try something new with a longer golden or silver chain and a pearl pendant, or a pearl-embellished hair clip. Pearls speak the language of sophistication, whether in your hair, on your earrings, or in buttons down the back of your dress.

Experiment with your pearls, and ask friends how they wear their jewellery in unique and fun ways. You might learn some fun tricks from each other and find a brand new way to love and wear your favourite accessory!

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