Parajumpers Stories explores the Svalbard Islands

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Italian outerwear brand Parajumpers has released the latest instalment of its brand stories, in which it explores the lives of everyday people who use the brand’s products to live and survive in extreme conditions at the mercy of nature.

Svalbard, Voices From an Icy Coast introduces us to Heidi – a resident glaciologist “ice doctor” whose job is to investigate how climate change is affecting glaciers.

1,000km from the North Pole, the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard is one of the most remote settlements on the planet. The people who call Svalbard home must deal with challenges including extreme isolation, extreme sub-zero temperatures, and the darkness of the polar night in winter.

Heidi describes Svalbard as the “ground zero of climate change”, explaining how the environment here is a reflection of how civilisation is affecting the planet and how she is helping scientists at the University Centre in Svalbard to understand more about global warming.

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