Pal App Connects You with New Friends

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The population growth rate of London is twice the rate of the rest of the UK as people are constantly arriving in the city for work opportunities, and a bustling social and cultural scene that can’t be found anywhere else in the country.

If you’ve recently moved to London, or you’ve relocated to a different area of London, it can be difficult to meet new friends and make connections with people who have similar interests to you.

Now a new app – Pal – is making it easy to expand your social circle and connect you with other people in your neighbourhood who take part in the same activities you do.

A Friendship App – Not a Dating App

There are plenty of apps for finding relationships or people to go out on dates with, but sometimes you just want a mate you can meet down the pub, or a friend to go to the gym with.

Daniela Vidas, co-founder of Pal, said: “We all want to stay connected through social apps. Nevertheless, we want to interact more than just online. An alternative to dating apps is important, as we are not all looking for a date.”

When you sign up with Pal and log into your home screen, you’ll see other users in your area who have planned activities such as shopping trips, sightseeing, spa visits, sporting events, and meals out.

You can then opt to join in with these activities, or create one yourself. You can also send friend requests to other users in your area and chat with others joining an activity.

Who Uses Pal?

Unlike many dating apps that have a higher percentage of male users, Pal’s current user base is 63% female. If you’re looking for some new girl pals for a day out shopping, or you want to meet up with some other mums in the area for a play date with your kids, Pal is a great way of doing so.

Couples can also use Pal together – you can set up a couple profile, or a group profile if you have a group of friends who regularly enjoy activities together and you’d like to invite others to join you.

Pal originally launched in London and is now available worldwide, so wherever you are you can find some new pals.

Pal is free to use and available on iOS and Android

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