Orange launch ‘Sound Charge T-shirt’

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Isn’t it a pain when your phone dies at a festival and you can’t find your friends in the crowd of 80,000 people? Well thanks to Orange Mobile this may be a thing of the past. They’ve developed the ‘Sound Charge T-shirt’, which converts sound waves into battery power for your phone through a panel on a t-shirt. Clever huh?

The new technology is going to be tested at Glastonbury’s ‘Sound of 71’ stage this weekend, using the energy from live music to charge phones. The t-shirts have a large front panel which acts like a microphone, absorbing the sound waves, which is then fed to a reservoir battery. Interchangeable leads can be attached to the battery depending on the phone model. And voila – there you have it, a charged phone.

For a more scientific explanation view the video from Orange below…

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