Is Nutella the secret to Kate Middleton’s complexion?

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Beauty Instagram blogger Habiba shared her DIY “Nutella” face mask in December last year, made from a mixture of gelatin, milk, cocoa powder, and neem honey. The video quickly went viral, with over 200,000 views in just a few days.

Now Deborah Mitchell, beautician to Kate Middleton and the Queen, has suggested using actual Nutella as a face mask in a segment on ITV’s This Morning. She claims that the sugar in the spread exfoliates the skin and the fatty acids leave it soft and moisturized for up to a week.

To apply the mask, simply apply the chocolate spread to the skin, leave to dry, and wipe off without using water.

While Kate Middleton herself has not admitted to using the sweet confection as a beauty treatment, Mitchell stated that several of her clients used it to great success, although she couldn’t reveal any names.

Deborah Mitchell is also the inventor of the bee venom face mask, which can be used as an alternative to botox treatments. On the TV programme she also suggested wearing socks with mashed banana and avocado to dissolve dry skin on the feet, creating a lip balm with crushed mint imperials, and reducing under-eye circles with coffee.

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