H. Stern Jewellery Collection Launches at Harrods

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the collection showcases minimalist lines and simplistic shapes all in innovative new jewellery designs. The majority of the collection is in matt gold, conjuring not only an understated, timeless aesthetic, but also referencing the Amazonian gold of their heritage. Matt gold is an H. Stern signature, Roberto Stern proudly states, keenly maintaining his families 60 year old company and the classic style motifs it has come to be recognized. Stern has also always given special emphasis to sinuous forms in jewellery. “We do not find straight lines in Nature, therefore I like asymmetry and irregular contours, which are more human and natural”, and it was this shared passion with the architect that led Stern to launch the collaborative collection.

For Niemeyer, the now 104 year old architect, the collection was more produced in his honor than under his direction. His sketches are more suggestible than instructive, which has led to a very free, almost airy feel to the collection. “The jewels are extremely pretty and very light. It’s incredible how they have managed to exactly replicate my designs”, states Niemeyer.

There will be 40 pieces in total, in a mix of gold, white gold, and diamond. The collection has actually already been available in Brazil for four years, but with the unique designs being individually made it has been hard to produce enough for the collection to emigrate. With 176 stores around the world, the company is on the verge of expansion, as this year will not only see the Oscar Niemeyer collaborative but also the new Diane Von Furstenberg collection. H. Stern has already collaborated with DVF, but this larger collection will also include, for the first time, watches, and will be available in the UK later in the year.

The collection will be available on the 16th February.

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