Net-A-Porter boss to launch two new services for customers this year

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Net-a-Porter boss Alison Loehnis has described the typical Net-A-Porter customer in London as a demanding and exacting woman who wants her order immediately, and price is not an issue.

Loehnis, interviewed by the Evening Standard, said: “I find the fact that Londoners want their orders even quicker than New Yorkers surprising.”

9% of Londoners shop on Net-A-Porter for simplicity, ease, and efficiency, and 65% of these shoppers take advantage of the same-day delivery option.

As a result of this feedback, Net-A-Porter will be launching two new services later this year.

“Wait and return” will enable same-day-delivery customers to try on their orders while the delivery driver waits and return the unsuitable items directly.

The second service brings additional convenience for those who use the Net-A-Porter personal shopping service. Not only can items be delivered outside of the normal delivery window, but personal shoppers can also visit customers’ homes with a selection of curated outfits and give personal style consultations.

Outfit ideas will be discussed with the customer in person or online via WhatsApp, iMessage, or WeChat. The stylist will then put together a package and customers are charged only for what they decide to keep.

This service will be by invitation only for Net-A-Porter “Extremely Important Persons” or EIPs. These EIPs make up only 2% of Net-A-Porter customers but account for 40% of the company’s revenue.

Loehnis noted that 40% of Net-A-Porter sales overall are via mobile but account for 60% of EIP orders, indicating that these customers are more tech-savvy.

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