Net-a-Porter launch ‘LIVE’

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Luxury online retailer has opened it’s electronic doors to the world so everyone can have a peek at it’s customers buying habits through ‘Net-a-porter Live’.  The application hosted on the shopping site enables you to see what items people are adding to their basket, adding to their wishlist or sharing with their friends in real time.

The map set-up displays where in the world the item is being selected and even shows you a thumbnail of their chosen piece of fashion. The idea originated from the Net-a-porter offices where staff created a real-time stream of purchases for all to see on large plasma screens. The application aims to increase interest in net-a-porter’s products and encourage those watching to add items to their wishlists.

Net-a-porter LIVE is the at the start of social networking and fashion merging. Watch someone in Berlin buy Balenciaga, someone in Madrid buy Miu Miu and a customer in Luxembourg buy Louboutins. It’s like people watching from the comfort of your sofa. We like!

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