Napapijri launches Ze-Knit collection

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Premium Italian fashion brand Napapijri revealed its new Ze-Knit collection at Milan Design Week, which is set to drop in stores this September.

The Ze-Knit collection comprises of digital knits that are constructed with a single yarn in a process similar to 3D printing. The pieces are ergonomically designed around body movement to improve comfort, functionality, and support.

Ze-Knit’s production process reduces raw material waste by up to 30% in comparison to traditional manufacturing techniques.

The technology also allows Napapijri to move to a demand supply model, where each item is made to order instead of being mass-produced. This not only eliminates waste but allows for customization such as changing the materials used or the dimensions to fit the wearer. Napapijri’s aim is to eventually offer a made-to-order service that will produce and deliver garments within 24 hours.

The collection is part of Napapijri’s “Make it Better” philosophy, which includes research into sustainable manufacturing alternatives that can unlock new design possibilities.

The debut Ze-Knit collection includes jackets, trousers, jumpers, and overalls in black and blue available as both menswear and womenswear. The design inspiration for the collection comes from the “minimalistic beauty of future cities”.

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