Moss Bros launches the Stretch Suit

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Menswear is evolving – it’s no longer a necessity to choose between formality and comfort. The new generation of tailoring from Moss Bros has built-in stretch allowing you to bend, lift, twist, and stretch – without compromising on style.


What is the Stretch Suit?

Suits have a reputation for being stuffy and restrictive, but times are changing.

The rise in the athleisure trend has shown that it’s no longer enough to look good for the fashion conscious – comfort is equally important.

Athleisure is great, but there are many situations where it’s not appropriate. You wouldn’t wear your gym kit to a job interview, but neither should you have to suffer with stiff and scratchy fabrics.

Enter the Stretch Suit – made from tailored stretch fabric, it looks every bit as sharp as a traditional suit but is naturally breathable and moves with your body, making it as comfortable as a well-worn t-shirt.

Being made from stretch fabric also opens up the possibility of wearing a suit in places you wouldn’t normally consider. This offers you complete flexibility to wear what you want, when you want.

Men’s Stretch Suits by Moss Bros are available in tailored, slim, or skinny fit in a range of modern fabrics including Moss Bros green, blue, black and white check, grey, pink, and more.

With retail prices starting at £159, the Stretch Suit is launching with a range of promotional offers so you can get hold of the latest in men’s tailoring for as little as £79.


How Does it Work?

Stretch fabrics don’t just mean Lycra cycling shorts and Spandex dance costumes.

All fabrics have some degree of flexibility. Some are naturally flexible, some have it added into the fabric, and some are woven in a way that creates a degree of stretch.

Pure wool offers a degree of natural stretch and is breathable, so a 100% wool suit will move with you and be comfortable as it naturally absorbs moisture without becoming damp. This classic option looks effortlessly smart and sophisticated.

Fabrics can also be woven in a way that makes them spring back into shape easily when they are stretched. This type of fabric also holds its shape well and resists creasing.

Another option is choosing a fabric such as cotton, wool, or polyester, combined with Elastane. Elastane offers much more stretch than these fabrics and just a little can help to give a close-fitting finish that moves with your body. This option is ideal for those who want to create a slim silhouette with a flexible structure such as that found in the Moss Bros skinny-fit suits.


Why Choose Stretch?

Moss Bros Stretch suits are designed for motion, resulting in a stylish suit that lets you move freely. Whether you’re after a smart yet comfortable option for work or play – the Stretch Suit is for you.

As well as offering superior comfort, stretch tailoring holds its shape better than traditional fabrics and doesn’t hold creases. It’s breathable, absorbs moisture, and reduces static build-up.

Wearing a stretch suit helps you to feel more smart, professional, and pulled-together without sacrificing your everyday comfort. This makes it a great option for office wear or for casual wear to suit pretty much any occasion.


Moss Bros Stretch Suits

With a range of fits, colours, and fabrics, there’s a Moss Bros Stretch Suit for everyone.

Skinny Fit Unstructured Graphite Blue Suit – the sharp look of a skinny fit suit with the feel of a more relaxed fit. The graphite blue colour goes with many mens shirts and accessories and it’s easy to dress up or down for business attire or formal events.


Skinny Fit Forest Green Suit – a deep green tone that’s smart enough for workwear, but allows you to express your bold personality. A single-button fastening and patterned lining makes it ideal for casual wear too – match it with an open-necked patterned shirt.


Skinny Fit Unstructured Ice Latte Suit – looking for a suit in paler colours for a summer look or destination wedding? This stretch suit with no shoulder pads offers a looser fit but still maintains the sharp silhouette of a skinny-fit suit.


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