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Moose Knuckles launches Sacred Glacier campaign

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Canadian outdoor brand Moose Knuckles has launched their AW19 campaign, which takes an epic journey deep inside Canada’s most northern region to the Sacred Glacier.

In the short film, inspired by the cult Mexican movie “The Holy Mountain”, seven disciples, each representing a deadly sin, travel great distances to a mysterious fishing hut on top of the iceberg. There they find a powerful prophet (Dennis Rodman!) who leads them on a series of rituals to unlock the meaning of human existence. The film ends on the message, Real Life Awaits.

Kid. Studio, who produced the campaign, said: “To us, the film represents the purest forms of creativity, individuality, and freedom. Dennis Rodman is an icon and legendary figure to us that represented these things and so much more. This short is about ridding yourselves from the trappings of everyday life that consume us in all the wrong ways and how it is life’s purpose for us to break out of these cages and find our true calling.”

Styles seen in the campaign are available from global retailers including Selfridges and Harrods, and online from

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