Marks & Spencer accussed of copying Rachel Taylor design

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Marks & Spencer have found themselves going through challenging times recently, and to top it off they’ve now been accused of “stealing” the work of young designer Rachel Taylor.

The M&S t-shirt in question (left) next to Rachel Taylor’s printed tea towel design

An etched floral design that appeared on a women’s t-shirts sold by Marks & Spencer has caused backlash from the designer, who posted the below post on her blog.

“I’m a posting this today as I understand the importance of standing up for yourself as a designer & your intellectual property rights… to not be scared… to speak out & protect what’s rightfully yours. I have received numerous emails lately from concerned clients, customers & supporters of my work,” she said.

“It appears that British superstore Marks & Spencer  have a design that is well… what can I say… more than ‘strikingly similar’ to my ‘Etched Floral’ hand drawn original design (first published in 2008).  It’s one of my signature designs & I just want to point out  that I never granted permission for Marks & Spencer to use my design…”

Marks & Spencer responded with  public apology via Twitter, saying, “We’re sorry with the upset caused. We bought the t-shirt in good faith from a supplier & after complaint, withdrew from sale”.

Image: Rachel Taylor Designs

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