Marilyn Monroe CHANEL No. 5 interview published for the first time

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Chanel and Marilyn Monroe have always been associated, two icons that go together perfectly. We see quoted time after time that all Monroe wore to bed was ‘Just a few drops of No. 5’ . Since then the two have become forever linked, but the interview in which she reflected on her love for the perfume has never been properly known or published, until now.

In April 1960 Journalist Georges Belmont interviewed Marilyn for Maire Claire magazine,  she was on set of the the film “Let’s Make Love” by George Cukor, and she spoke spontaneously of her love for Chanel No.5. The brand has since procured the interview recording and you can hear it now for yourself. Watch the film released by Chanel and hear the famous words spoken from the icon herself for the very first time.

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