Marc Jacobs’ rescheduled New York show impacts on London Fashion Week

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The fashion world aren’t entirely happy with Mr Marc Jacobs at the moment, who has just rescheduled his own brand show at New York Fashion Week, moving it to Thursday 15th September – less than 24 hours before London Fashion Week kicks off on the morning of 16th September. However the move is due to the devastating Hurricane Irene, which hit the fashion capital on 28th August.

Marc’s show will now kick off at 8.30pm on Thursday, instead of the same time on Monday 12th September as originally scheduled. The change of date has caused feelings of anxiety amongst buyers and fashion journalists, who will have to attempt to rush  from New York to London in under 12 hours to catch the first LFW shows.

Marc Jacobs’ right hand man Robert Duffy told WWD: “We lost the weekend with the hurricane. We also lost time with the earthquake [last week], when the building was evacuated and no one came back to work. That lost time is impossible to make up without pushing the show back. Our entire sample room – most of the people live outside the city and they couldn’t get in here this weekend, nor would we have wanted them to. If there’s a risk, people want to be with their families.”

He also expressed his sympathy to those attempting to make the journey in lightning speed. “Certain people will be inconvenienced,” he said. “I feel the worst about people who want to get off to London.”

Traditionally NYFW wraps up in the afternoon with the Calvin Klein catwalk show, giving people enough time to travel to London to take their place on the front row. However, this year we’re expecting Friday morning at LFW to be a quieter one.

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