Madonna vs Sir Elton John: The Feud Rumbles On

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For those of you following one of the music industry’s oldest enmities, the feud between the Madonna and Sir Elton has taken on a new genesis.

The hawkishness between the two divas is rumoured to have sparked in 2004 when Sir Elton dissed Madonna’s live-singing capabilities at the Q Awards: “Madonna – best f******g live act?…F**k off! Since when has lip-synching been live? Sorry about that, but I think that everyone who lip-synchs on stage in public when you pay, like, £75 a seat should be shot.”

Madonna seemed to resist rising to the bait, when her publicist remarked, with the coolness of an AC unit fixed at full power: “Madonna does not lip-synch, nor does she spend her time trashing other artists.”

This failed to quell Elton, who went for Madonna head on again at this year’s Golden Globes when he mused over who might win best the Best Original Song category: “Mary J Blige might win it for The Help; Madonna doesn’t have a f*****g chance.”

Madonna, not one to take it lying down, shot back, asking if Elton was “wearing a dress” that evening. Low-brow homophobia this might have been, but it showed her equal capacity to a waspish tongue.

Anyway, Madonna, as it transpired, went on the receive the award that evening and provided the best highlight: a cut to Sir Elton’s slapped face as she made her acceptance speech. Camp Elton (predominantly just David Furnish), shamelessly couldn’t let bygones be so and later called Madonna “narcissistic” and “desperate”.

If you thought that might have been the end of it, think again. Yesterday, Sir Elton reignited the conflict when he branded Madonna a “nightmare” who dresses like a “fairground stripper”. He continued that she was no longer a credible artist and branded her latest MDNA tour a “disaster”.

The stimulus for this latest lashing remains unclear but keep your eyes peeled for Madonna’s comeback. She is the queen of them after all.

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