Robyn Coles plans naked catwalk show for London Fashion Week

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and this month is shaping up to be no exception.

Hat shows are usually restricted to the more sombre tables and exhibition stalls of Somerset House, but this year milliner Robyn Coles is unleashing her designs down the catwalk. Just hats.

That’s right, on the 21st February, 2012, there will be a nude catwalk show at London Fashion Week. LDNfashion speaks to Robyn Coles about her naked ambition:

What was the idea behind a naked fashion show?

RC: Arguably, a major part of fashion week is to attract publicity for your brand and to get more people interested in it. The nudity is just to get people in the door, but once they are there they will look at the hats! We’re all grown ups… it does still make me giggle though!

So do you see this as a publicity stunt?

RC: Of course! Most fashion shows are, it’s the reason that big brands place such an importance on celebrity front row attendants. I also wanted to use this show to better represent the human form; equality in the world of fashion is something I am concerned with as fashion is followed by a wide range of people, not just the types everyone sees sat in the front rows. I thought it would be nice to have a variety of models so that more people could relate to them, thus making fashion, and my brand especially, more accessible.

How did you choose your models?

RC: I wanted a nice variety, a human spectrum. We already had friends Jeff (Leach) and Sophia (Cahill), whom is absolutely beautiful, the fact that she is heavily pregnant is a nice bonus and something you rarely see on a catwalk. The other models we cast vary; one lady is of a certain age, she has beautiful long grey hair and is Italian so has this air of chic and an absolute comfort with her own body. Another lady is a French mother of two who has featured on a channel 4 sex education programme! We also have a younger model who has does a lot of burlesque performing. They are all of different heights, sizes, shapes and builds.

Let’s talk about the hats themselves, tell us about this collection.

RC: This collection is all felt based, as felt is a nice fabric to wear through winter months. It features nice bright colours and animal prints. They are all wearable shapes and I think they are perfect for winter weddings, races or keeping warm.

Why did you become a milliner? What do you love about hats?

RC: I always remember my grandma wearing hats, kind of like Jackie Onasis. I always liked that look. Grace Jones is a mean hat wearer too, she always looks fearless.


Robyn Coles will be showing at this months’ London Fashion Week at a venue in Shoreditch, TBC.

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