LG to open Urban Dark Sky reserve at Westfield White City

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Electronics manufacturer LG is partnering with the planetarium team of Bristol’s We the Curious to create Dark Skies – the UK’s first Urban Dark Sky Reserve, to celebrate the launch of their new LG OLED TV.

83% of the UK population live in light-polluted urban areas and are unable to see the beauty of the night sky. Dark Skies brings this experience to London with LG OLED TV technology.

A time lapse of the night sky passing over London will be displayed on a giant 4k video display with over 130 million self-emitting pixels, demonstrating the picture quality and true blacks of the OLED TV.

The event will kick off with a private press launch at 8.30am on 15th Nov where Luke Pasqualino will narrate the event, pointing out the astronomical sights that Londoners miss out on seeing due to light pollution

The exhibit is open to the public from Thursday 15th to Saturday 17th November at Westfield White City main atrium.

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