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Kensington Palace re-opens after £12m makeover

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Kensington Palace has undergone a £12million makeover fit for a king – or a Prince and a Duchess as it’s set to be William and Kate’s first home – and is now open once again to the public.

The two year refurbishment has transformed the 17th Century palace into a modern, interactive space for Londoners and tourists to enjoy. One of the 20 rooms is now covered in quirky Princess Diana themed wallpaper designed by Julie Verhoeven, while another is filled with replica 19th century toys for children to play with.

To satisfy fashion enthusiasts the palace’s ground floor plays hosts to an exhibition of Princess Diana’s most famous dresses, from her black strapless gown by David and Elizabeth Emanuel she wore for her first public appearance, to the tight fitting Versace number she wore to the Apollo 13 première in 1995. If that’s not reason enough to visit you’ll be able to say you’ve actually been inside William and Kate’s house – convinced?

Image: Wikimedia

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