Kate Moss leaves Storm Models after 28 Years

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Kate Moss has parted ways with Storm Models, after 28 years of working together. Agency founder, Sarah Doukas discovered her at the age of 14 at JFK airport in New York, promising to make the then schoolgirl a superstar.

“After a successful 28 year relationship, Kate is moving her business in house, and we will continue to maintain an active involvement in our on-going deals for her,” Storm said in a statement. Although Kate will now manage her own bookings, the agency insist that the decision to split was amicable.

While Kate no long appears on the agency’s website, the 42 year old models half-sister Lottie Moss, 18 remains on its books. She was originally scouted at the age of 13 when she was a bridesmaid at Kate’s wedding to Jamie Hince. The agency started officially representing her when she turned 16.

Doukas has previously sung the models praises in her early days in the industry. “Some girls come with a ready-made photo pose and you have to work through that. But I just said to Kate, “Pretend you’re bored waiting at the bus stop,” and she got it.”

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