Kate Middleton wins ‘Best Celebrity Smile’ accolade

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Kate Middleton has been awarded the accolade of ‘Best Celebrity Smile’ after placing first in a poll by Bupa.

Closely followed by Cheryl Cole, Jessie J and Beyonce, the Duchess of Cambridge stole the top spot thanks to her naturally Princess perfect teeth. Kate’s pearly whites are just one of her many enviable features, as salons have also seen an increase in requests for a ‘Middletan’ fake tan to match her soft skin tone and recreations of her voluminous chocolate brown waves.

The worst celebrity smiles list included Alan Carr, Simon Cowell and British supermodel Kate Moss, who are all known for their slightly crooked sets of teeth.

View all of the winners (and losers) below.

1.         Kate Middleton
2.         Cheryl Cole
3.         Alesha Dixon
4.         Jessie J
5.         Beyonce
6.         Tom Cruise
7.         Colin Firth
8.         Richard Hammond
9.         Rosie Huntington Whitley

1.         Pete Doherty
2.         Alan Carr
3.         Mike Tyson
4.         Ricky Gervais
5.         Kate Moss
6.         Madonna
7.         Simon Cowell
8.         Nicola Roberts
9.         Maria Fowler (TOWIE)

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