Karl Lagerfeld Memorial to be staged in Paris

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Chanel and Fendi have collaborated with the late Karl Lagerfeld’s brand to stage a memorial for the designer, “Karl For Ever”, which will be held at the Grand Palais on June 20 during Paris Fashion Week.

The memorial will comprise of video footage, interpretive dance, music, and theatre performances inspired by Karl Lagerfeld’s best work.

Director Robert Carsen said: “I wanted something full of life and unexpected. He once famously said, ‘A funeral? I’d rather die.’”

Bruno Pavlovsky, president of fashion at Chanel, added: “It will be a very powerful moment, a collective celebration of his persona. The memorial will be about Karl only: who he was, what he loved, what gave him his exceptional energy. I am glad we could join forces with Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld to create together an exceptional event that measures up to him, a tribute that truly celebrates the things he loved and that inspired him.”

At his own request, there was no public funeral after Karl Lagerfeld died In February 2019. Chanel organised a minute’s silence at the start of his final autum/winter 2019 show, and Fendi screened a video entitled “54 years together” and left small cards for guests inscribed with Lagerfeld’s signature and the date of his passing.

The memorial is expected to be attended by around 2,500 guests.

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