Julien Farel haircare launches at Selfridges

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One of the hottest stories in haircare arrives in the UK this summer, with the launch of New York-based “power stylist” Julien Farel’s collection at Farel applied the science of skincare to hair. “Its inevitable. As we age, our hair ages too – it loses its lustre, its volume and its manageability,” he explains. “Just as grass doesn’t grow in sand, healthy hair doesn’t grow from a barren scalp. When the skin is deprived of vital nutrients, its protective barrier weakens and exposes the signs of ageing. The scalp is no different.”

Employing this logic during the development his hair range, each product is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, Raesveratrol and Bioflavonoids to create the perfect environment for healthy hair grow and nourish the follicle and scalp.

There are two signature products, the Vitamin Restore for coloured or chemically treated hair and the Hydrate Restore for fine or normal hair, and both cost £28.


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