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John Lewis to offer buy-back service for old clothing

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John Lewis is teaming up with social enterprise Stuffstr to offer an incentivized collection scheme to encourage customers to recycle their old clothing.

Customers registering with the Stuffstr app can view the value of clothing they have bought from John Lewis and will be paid by item, irrespective of condition. Once the collective amount has reached £50, collection can be requested and John Lewis will email a £50 gift voucher in return.

The clothing collected by Stuffstr will be either mended and resold in used clothing shops or recycled into new items.

John Lewis sustainability manager, Martyn White, said: We already take back used sofas, beds and large electrical items such as washing machines and either donate them to charity or reuse and recycle parts and want to offer a service for fashion products.”

This pilot scheme is the first time a specific retailer has used an app and financial incentive to encourage fashion recycling. H&M, Zara, and Marks & Spencer all run schemes encouraging customers to drop off unwanted clothing in store.

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