Disgraced designer John Galliano sacks his lawyer

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John Galliano (right) and former lawyer Stéphane Zerbib

To add further controversy to the John Galliano public insult case, he has now sacked his lawyer, Stéphane Zerbib, over apparent irregularities regarding Zerbib’s firm’s administration of his finances. Aurélien Hamelle at Metzner Associés in Paris has been named as his new representation. 

After publicly making anti-semitic remarks in a cafe in Paris, Galliano was suspended then fired from his high positions at fashion houses Christian Dior and John Galliano. He then made his way to a rehab facility in Arizona for an ‘intensive treatment’ and is now back in Paris.

In France, the penalty for insult against a person’s religion is six months imprisonment and a fine of 22,500 Euros. The French High Court are expected to set a date for Galliano’s trial on 12th May.


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