John Galliano goes on trial today

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John Galliano is set to appear in court today in Paris, following convictions of racism and anti-semitism. John Galliano has been the centre of controversy over the issue for the last few months, which resulted in his sacking from Dior and own brand Galliano, but it is unlikely he will face a jail sentence a representative from his law firm has said. 

“In theory, the law provides for a prison sentence but it’s extremely rare,” Jean-Yves Dupeux from Lussan & Associés in Paris told Vogue. “Prison sentences are practically never handed down, except in the case of repeat offenders, in other words when you are dealing with someone who is permanently reiterating insults. Although I am not very familiar with his case, since I have only heard about it through the media, even if Galliano is convicted, he will probably not receive a prison sentence, not even a suspended one.”

Galliano is currently in court in front of just three judges and no jury, as ‘minor’ cases in France do not require a jury.

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