Is Sarah Burton actually behind Kate Middleton’s dress?

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With only hours to go, rumours of who the mystery designer behind Kate’s dress is, are rife. But now images of Sarah Burton checking into the same hotel as Kate and William have surfaced on the internet, placing her back at the top spot of contenders. Is Kate walking down the aisle in McQueen?

Although the woman in the picture has not yet been confirmed as Burton, we think the likeness is pretty close. She’s wearing the same silver ballet pumps Burton’s been seen in repeatedly, as well as embracing her signature plain style outfits.

Clearly trying to hide something, she entered The Goring Hotel in Belgravia yesterday afternoon, covering her face in a large fur hat and wearing a thick trench, despite the sunny weather. Although she has denied her involvement repeatedly in the build-up to the big day, she is now said to either be the designer of Kate’s wedding dress or an evening dress for the gala tonight at Buckingham Palace.

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