Introducing MAHABIS Slippers

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Ever unintentionally almost left the house in your slippers? Or actually wanted to? Us too.

Lifestyle brand its unisex lifestyle slippers can be worn indoors and outdoors, thanks to the interchangeable clip-on soles and collapsible neoprene heel. We’ve tried them and they are insanely comfortable, and look as cool, clean-lined and discreet as a slipper can, thanks to the Scandinavian-inspired design and colour choices. They’re the perfect go-to for weekends in the city, when you want to pop out for a fresh loaf or pint of milk around the corner, without having to think about a full-on change of shoes.

Fans of the style can choose and switch between classic and summer edition mahabis. Featuring a soft and sculpted wool lining, the classic edition is comfortable and warm, yet is light enough to prevent overheating. The summer version is made from lightweight, breathable mesh, designed to keep your feet cool in the heat.

Both ranges and soles are available in a choice of colours, and customisable bundles.

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