How to Dress for Racing Season

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With the Grand National coming up in April, and Royal Ascot following in June, it may be time to start considering some outfit choices if you’re going to be spectating at one of these racing events.

A day at the races is not only great fun but also a good excuse to get dressed up and experiment with fashion. Browsing the crowd for the most stylish outfits or the most outlandish headwear is almost as much of an event as the actual races.


Ladies Day at Aintree

Aintree has no official dress code but you should dress smartly and outfits with a hat are usually preferred.

Dresses are a favourite and you can choose from elegant and understated to bold and daring, depending on your personal style. While there are no restrictions on length or necklines, showing too much skin is frowned upon. Mid-length hemlines are on trend this season and are always a flattering option.

Trouser suits or jumpsuits are another alternative and there are a great variety of jumpsuits to choose from this spring and summer from almost every designer and fashion retailer.

Fancy dress and sports clothes are not permitted at the Grand National

Remember that placing a cheeky bet is all part of the fun and even if you’re new to betting, you can check out Ladies Day betting at William Hill UK to see the odds and different bets you can place.


Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot has a specific dress code and you may be turned away if you’re wearing clothing that doesn’t adhere to guidelines.

The strictest dress code is for those within the Royal Enclosure where women must wear skirts or dresses that are at least knee-length, or full-length trouser suits or jumpsuits. Straps also have a minimum width and hats must be worn. It’s best to check the official dress code to make sure the outfit you have in mind is suitable.

As at Aintree, fancy dress and novelty branded clothing is not permitted.

The dress code is more relaxed for other enclosures but formalwear is a safe bet. If your fashion style is a little quirky you might like to experiment with an unusual hat or headpiece, and these always attract the attention of journalists and photographers at the event.


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