How to carve a CHANEL pumpkin for Halloween [PHOTOS]

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Halloween is nearly here, and to celebrate we have been practicing our carving skills and created a step by step guide to help you create the most chic & fashionable Halloween decoration we have ever seen – a CHANEL pumpkin!

What You Will Need To Create a CHANEL Pumpkin

  • One medium – or large-sized pumpkin (we got ours from Waitrose)
  • A Chopping Board
  • One sharp knife (please use with caution!)
  • A spoon / scraper implement for getting out the pumpkin seeds
  • One marker pen (Sharpie or similar)
  • A CHANEL pumpkin carving design template – download here
  • Sellotape
  • Scissors
  • Tea light candles

Step One – Creating The Lid

  • Draw a circle/square with your marker pen on the top of the pumpkin, keeping an inch or so from the stalk.
  • Using the knife and keeping the blade pointing away from you, cut along the lines angling the knife slightly inwards to ensure the lid will not fall into the pumpkin when complete.

Step Two – Hollowing Out

  • Once the lid has been taken off, use the spoon or scraper to scoop out the seeds and flesh, ensuring the pumpkin is entirely hollow

Step Three – Cutting Out The Design

  • Find the flattest side of the pumpkin on which to carve the CHANEL design
  • Fix the template securely in place with tape onto the pumpkin
  • Carefully cut along the lines, bearing in mind the paper may come free once you start to cut

Step Four – Completing The Design

  • If the pieces haven’t come free already, push through carefully until complete

Step Five – Finishing Touches

  • Tidy up the inside of the pumpkin, ensuring all seeds are cleared
  • Place a lit tea light or two inside, replace the lid…et voila!

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