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GTBank Fashion Weekend set to launch in Nigeria

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The second edition of the GTBank Fashion Weekend will be held this weekend on the 11th and 12th November in Nigeria.

The two-day event celebrates Africa’s style and fashion trends, while giving small businesses in the Nigerian fashion industry a platform to connect with customers and industry experts.

GTBank Fashion Weekend is a free business platform created by Guaranty Trust Bank plc to showcase African fashion to a global audience and promote the continent’s growing fashion industry. 30,000 guests are expected over the two-day period, which includes runway shows, master classes, and a curated retail exhibition featuring products from over 90 small businesses. As well as affordable and luxury apparel, footwear, and accessories, shoppers will also have access to a craft market offering indigenous fabric and accessories.

Fashion master classes this year feature America’s Next Top Model runway coach, J Alexander; award-winning fashion designer Giles Deacon; Editor in-Chief of Essence Magazine, Vanessa De Luca; publisher of British GQ Magazine, Kenyan-born Vanessa Kingori; Nigerian photographer TY Bello; professional Makeup Artist and Educator, Danessa Myricks; and Fashion Editor & Style Consultant, Shiona Turini.

Mr Segun Agbaje, Managing Director of Guaranty Trust Bank, said about the event: “The 2017 GTBank Fashion Weekend will not only give visibility to the amazing talents and entrepreneurial drive of our people at home, it will also connect them with fashion leaders abroad, in order to build local capacity and expertise across the entire Fashion Value Chain.”

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