Grandma’s Diamonds – The New Trend in Accessory Fashion

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This new trend doesn’t imply searching for and wearing your grandma’s diamonds. Instead, it’s about a unique way through which people can cherish the memory of their loved ones!
As such, in today’s article we talk about the grandma’s diamonds that are made from the cremated remains of your loved one – be it a person or even a pet that has been by your side for your entire life.

Professional companies such as Heart in Diamond can harvest carbon from ashes – or from a strand of hair – and turn it into incredibly beautiful diamonds! Believe it or not, the end result is now one of the big trends when it comes to diamond memorial jewellery.

Extremely Personalised Accessory

Heart in Diamond can literally grow a diamond from ashes in any size or colour that you want. On top of that, they can also set it to your liking – be it in a pendant, on a ring, bracelet, and so on.

This makes commemorative jewellery highly customisable, because you can create it to fit the personality of your loved one – maybe even have it in their favourite colour, for example.

Enhanced Meaning and Purpose

Obviously, such a diamond will always remember you or your loved ones. Unlike a burial urn or a shrine, in your home, you’ll always have the memorial diamond with you, keeping the memory alive.
If you lost someone that was really close to you, then a memorial diamond can help you when you’re sad, as it can make you feel like your loved one is right there with you.

Naturally, this type of diamond has much more meaning and purpose than the usual diamonds we buy from jewellery stores – that goes without saying!

Permanent Memory

As mentioned above, there are many things that you can do to commemorate lost loved ones – some engage in regular service, outdoor memorials, burial urns, and so on.

However, none of the above allows you to keep a permanent memory of your loved one with you. In fact, a ring or necklace that contains a diamond made from your grandma’s ashes, for example, can be given to future generations and, as such, become one item to remember all of a family’s loved ones.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning that such a diamond can be the perfect accessory for you to always wear – especially if it fits with the rest of your wardrobe.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, diamonds made from ashes are now not only a sick fashion accessory but also one of the best ways to cherish the memory of your loved ones – especially of your close relatives, such as parents and grandparents.

More and more people (throughout the UK) would rather convert the ashes of their loved ones into a diamond rather than have a big, expensive ceremony. In fact, most of the elders interviewed in a case study stated that they’d rather want to be turned into diamonds than have their ashes kept in an urn everyone will ignore!

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