GANT commits to sustainably sourced materials for 2020

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American Swedish clothing brand GANT has pledged that almost 80% of their collection will be sustainably sourced and labelled in 2020.

GANT has introduced its own sustainability initiative –The 7 Rules – to educate consumers about garment care in order to extend the lifespan of clothing pieces. The brand says that with proper care, a well-made shirt can last 20 years.

The 7 rules are: Rent, Reuse, Refresh, Remake, Repair, Regive and Recycle, and will be rolled out globally throughout the year.

GANT’s Global Sustainability Director, Jessica Cederberg Wodmar, said: “The opportunities to make more sustainable clothes have never been bigger or more needed. We are using more sustainably sourced materials to increase the speed of transformation that our industry needs. Yes, it’s complicated, but not impossible. The GANT approach is to work together with both the industry and our consumers. We will keep making conscious choices and drive change.”

The brand has set further sustainability goals for the coming years including:

– To use 100% sustainably sourced cotton by 2022
– Reduce water use in manufacturing by 50% by 2025
– 100% of key materials to be sustainably sourced by 2025
– Reduce climate footprint by 30% by 2030

To achieve these goals and help to make the fashion industry more sustainable, GANT has partnered with Waterkeeper Alliance, United Nations Global Compact, RISE Chemical Research Institute, Textile Exchange, The Fashion Pact, Sustainable Apparel Coalition, Better Cotton Initiative, Fashion Industry, and the Charter For Climate Action and Business Social.

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